04 Jen Sanger: View from the big tree canopy
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04 Jen Sanger: View from the big tree canopy

Forest ecologist Jen Sanger spends more time in big trees than most. In our conversation, she takes us into another world of canopy of Australia’s tallest trees and into Tasmania’s aptly named Grove of Giants. She shares the story of the evolution of the distinctive Tasmanian flora, the ecology of these special forests and  the summer she helped get 500 community members nearly 100m up into the canopy.


Dr Jennifer Sanger is the co-founder for The Tree Projects, a Tasmanian based an environmental outreach organisation which educates people about the worlds most notable trees. She is a passionate forest ecologist and has spent over a decade studying forests and the charismatic plants that inhabit them. She is both an expert tree climber and communicator and passionate advocate for Tasmanian forests.

This conversation is produced by Catherine Polcz with  music by Carl Didur.