Plant Kingdom

Plant Kingdom

Conversations, stories and reflections from the field

Plant Kingdom is a conversation series about plants, nature and environment featuring scientists, artists, researchers, writers and healers.

We release two conversations each month, and hear from people who have an intimacy with plants and nature. We discuss their work, stories and reflections from the field.

We record in Sydney, Australia on the lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation and pay respect to their elders - past, present and future.

Hosted and produced by Catherine Polcz.

July 01, 202401:09:1095 MB

10 Jon Pitt: Becoming botanical

Translator, author and academic Dr Jon Pitt discusses his work in critical plant studies and the re...

June 17, 202400:53:4773.87 MB

09 Åsa Krüger: Gothenburg Botaniska

Botanist and curator Åsa Krüger discusses her practice in connecting audiences with plants and shar...

June 03, 202400:53:4873.91 MB

08 Karlie Noon: The sky is full of knowledge

Gamilaroi astrophysicist Karlie Noon dismantles sketchy ambitions to colonize the moon, asteroids a...

May 20, 202400:57:2878.93 MB

07 Grace Fleming: The enigma of seeds

Plant biologist Dr Grace Fleming dissects the secret life of seeds. In a conversation covering ever...

May 06, 202400:44:5061.58 MB

06 Francine McCarthy: A lake in the Anthropocene

Micropaleontologist Dr Francine McCarthy goes deep into the sediments of Crawford Lake, a small and...